Hello. I am Dr. Sam Demander.

I had a childhood introduction to psychology since my mother had a career as a psychiatric nurse at the Wyoming State Hospital. As children we were introduced to, and sometimes spooked by, the “Cuckoos Nest” environment walking through the underground catacombs connecting the various wards.

At the ages of 19 and 20 I worked as a “Psych Technician” at the same hospital during the college summers.

I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wyoming in 1976 and then was in the very first class at the University of Denver Psy.D. (Doctorate in Psychology) program in 1976. The program was heavily focused on practical training resulting in my specialties of psychological testing, developmental psychology, parenting, underachievement, and general family psychology.

I participated in training having to do with severe psychological conditions at the Wyoming State Hospital, then an internship at the Napa State Hospital just north of San Francisco.

Since my licensure in 1984 I have been working privately, and since 2002, here in Parker Colorado. I currently specialize in trauma treatment with adults, teens, and children utilizing EMDR therapy.

I am fortunate with the great match between my style and my career as a Psychologist. The change I see in my clients is immensely rewarding.