What are some of the benefits you will gain from marriage and/or family counseling?

1. Counseling will release you from painful “emotional jail”:

“Conflict is a prison that worsens the longer you stay in it.”
Emotional pain grows on emotional pain.
Joy grows on joy.
Quickly resolving conflict/pain is critical.
Individuals, couples, families can be ruled by emotional pain which can generate health problems, depression/anxiety, academic and work dysfunction, substance abuse, and behavioral problems.

2. Therapy generates lots of talking:

“Don’t go to bed hurt, angry or happy without saying so.” (two days in a row).
Communicated joy or resentment gives the chance for, one day at a time, peace and happiness.

3. Counseling teaches you HOW to communicate:

“Let me make sure I understand what you are saying,” “This is what I heard you say…”
While it may sound trite, these techniques guarantee validation, nurturance, and loving understanding.
The technique is even more important for the turmoil of adolescence in a family. Teens commonly don’t feel understood and the paraphrase back technique promotes patience, nurturance, and building of self-esteem due to validation

4. Therapy when infidelity has occurred:

Infidelity can traumatize individuals and families. This requires immediate crises management by way of counseling in order to “stabilize the system.”
As with any trauma, it is recommended that counseling be seen as a first line of attack in order minimize compounding traumatic interactions and actions.

5. Counseling when divorce is already the circumstance:

Fifty percent of American marriages end in divorce and a large percentage of those divorces involve children.
Counseling affords a chance to regroup, and to minimize the trauma to the family and ease adjustment difficulties.
There are definite do’s and do NOT’s where children are concerned.
Families prosper with post-divorce coaching.

6. Therapy will instill healthy modeling:

Healthy, peaceful, joyful family harmony models for children behaviors that they can apply to their own family functioning as adults.
Most behaviors are learned…
What are your children learning or not learning on the basis of how you relate and communicate in your marriage or relationship?

7. Counseling will help you find the balance:

Effective counseling can generate balance in one’s life.
Between work and play…
Between happiness and success…
Between outward behavior/actions and internal peace…
Between “How are you?” and “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”
Here is what to expect during your counseling:
Scripted proven communication techniques are detailed with practice in the office and then at home.
Individual history is taken with sensitivity to issues, which may jeopardize or compromise the functioning of the marriage.
Individual and or trauma treatment may be considered in order to ultimately enhance and ensure a functional rewarding relationship.
Most couples achieve their goals within 14-16 sessions.
If divorce is the outcome coaching is offered with focus on co-parenting and how to assist children in adjusting to a life change and potential trauma of a divorce.